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My first interest in art was sparked by my love of fashion and a desire to design my own elements that were not created and sold in a conventional way. In many ways my paintings are still an extension of this love for elements of fashion and style. I use many colors in combinations that compliment and contrast each other. I often implement elements of mixed media, such as words, magazine photos, and other random objects, as a juxtaposition to my painting style to catch the eye of the viewer and hold their attention. 


My process is very automatic and instinctual. I often have no plans other than a vision in my head, and many times not even that, when I begin to lay paint on my surface. My artwork becomes a reflection or snap shot of my feelings at a certain moment in time with an ending result of an abstract expression that does not represent anything tangible. I invite the viewer to develop their own feelings as a reaction to the work.


Recently, I have been using my creativity to explore making different crafted objects geared for a commercial business and have opened a store at


I graduated from West High School and studied various art methods and business at Morningside College, achieving a Bachelor of arts, both are in Sioux City, Iowa. 

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